The Sun debate in context

The vote on whether or not to ban The Sun from Guild retail outlets comes amidst a national movement in universities against Page 3. Ten other universities’ guilds have moved to ban the sale of The Sun from their outlets, including Cambridge, Durham and the London School of Economics.

As reported in Exeposé, Exeter University students voted to keep the sun on campus
As reported in Exeposé, Exeter University students voted to keep the sun on campus

The No More Page 3 petition has instigated action within university guilds against the sale of Page 3 publications, citing the images as demeaning to women. The movement told Exeposé “We’re delighted that so many student bodies have decided to support the campaign; by supporting No More Page 3, many Student Unions have sent a powerful message to the students they represent that respect towards women is an absolute priority. This isn’t about censorship, this is about students declaring that sexism has no place on campus.”

Cambridge University students voted in council, with representatives from colleges supporting the movement unanimously. The No More Page 3 movement has also gained traction in Newcastle with 57 per cent of students of the Newcastle University Students’ Union voting to ban all Page 3 publications from being sold in the Students’ Union shop. Sheffield Students’ Union also moved to ban the sale of The Sun, without the vote of the student public however, passing the motion in committee behind closed doors.

There have been, however, some detractors from the movement, as the York University Students’ Union have denied the vote to ban The Sun. 70.8 per cent of 1402 students polled voted against the motion at the University which three weeks ago refused to ratify its Feminist Society for a second time.

Colleges at Oxford University have moved for a ban of the sale of The Sun also, as Brasenose College and St. Edmund Hall have both voted in favour of the No More Page 3 movement.

Leeds University also started a campaign against Page 3. Leeds University Union commented “the idea was proposed by a student and therefore scheduled to be taken to forum. Shortly after this, however, the student proposing the idea decided to discontinue. For this reason, the idea didn’t make it to forum and there was no subsequent referendum.“

The No More Page 3 group commented in light of the results, “We’re sorry to hear that Exeter University has not formally chosen to take this stance at this point. However, we’re aware that there are still a lot of students at Exeter who wholeheartedly wish to see their university cease to support sexist publications; we would like these students to know that we will still be on hand to offer them advice and support.”


Author: Louis Doré

Freelance Journalist studying at City University, London on MA Newspaper Journalism.

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