Crime on Campus: Man caught stealing from the Ram

On Sunday 19 May an individual was caught attempting to take a bottle of Jack Daniels from The Ram bar while the venue was closed to the public.

At 10:10am the man described by Estate Patrol as “tall and lanky with dark blonde hair, wearing a white top and jeans” was seen on CCTV and subsequently apprehended.

Estate Patrol then report that the man who was in possession of a white bicycle “left the premises without the bottle.”

James Crouch, a Politics Masters student commented: “I’m shocked that this is going on behind the scenes, I hope this isn’t a regular occurrence in The Ram.”

In a statement, the Students’ Guild confirmed the incident and mentioned that “Estate Patrol and the Police are aware of the situation and will be taking the appropriate action.”

Constable Ian Lugg, the University Police Officer, is handling the investigation.


Author: Louis Doré

Freelance Journalist studying at City University, London on MA Newspaper Journalism.

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