33% more applicants to Exeter

THE NUMBER of 1st year students at the University of Exeter has increased dramatically since last year, having received 33 per cent more applications. The increase to 34077 applications from 25629 last year comes after the University entered the Russell Group and was awarded the Sunday Times University of the Year award.


The dramatic increase of 33 per cent is believed to be the reason behind the University’s decision not to enter clearing this year. It represents the first time applications have gone up since tuition fees were tripled in 2010.

8131 students accepted Exeter as their first choice or “firm” offer on UCAS, with 4345 accepting Exeter as an insurance. Of the 12476 accepted firm and insurance offers, 3478 of the students are from independent schools.

This 27.9 per cent represents a proportionally large intake against the national average, as the Higher Education Statistics Agency reported in 2011/12 that 88.9 per cent of university students came from state schools and colleges. In the same report, the University of Exeter’s state schools and colleges proportion registered at 67.4%.

A third year English student said “It is a top ten university so it’s not surprising that we take proportionally more from independent schools, the students usually attain better grades.”

The majority of the University’s new intake is female, with 14768 offer holders being girls, compared to 12751 boys. The fact that 15.8 per cent more females earned offers than males looks to continue Exeter’s tradition of a majority of female students, as in 2010/11 there were 13.9 per cent more female undergraduates than male. A second year undergraduate said “It’s nice to see that the level of boys and girls is nearly equal, considering that more women go to university these days”.

Almost 1,000 offer holders are known to have been predicted less than AAB, though this figure may be significantly higher. Much like the educational background of some students, the University does not know the predicted grades of a minority of applicants; whilst those yet to receive offers through clearing or adjustment are also not included.

Professor Janice Kay, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, said: “This has been our best ever year for applications and we look forward to welcoming a record intake of 4,600 students in September.”


Author: Louis Doré

Freelance Journalist studying at City University, London on MA Newspaper Journalism.

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