5 ways to not piss people off at uni

Okay, so you’re in uni and meeting loads of new, exciting people and you’re hoping they’ll think you’re a top bloke too. You’ve probably got it covered, so the last thing you’ll want to read is some patronising “how to live your life” article from a sanctimonious ego with an agenda.

So don’t think of this as a guide – just think of it as a short account of why guys get labelled as tossers and the possible route you’d take to avoid it.


#1) Don’t be the guy that ruins the hallway:

Vomit in a shared space and your friends may see the funny side, but probably only once. What starts as a resentment of the smell may grow into a resentment of you, especially if it’s repeated or you regularly need someone to help you home. No matter how alpha male you think you look seeing off a pint of vodka, you’ll feel pretty damn beta in the morning.


#2) Don’t lead people on:

One night stand? Fair enough. Friends with benefits? Whatever floats your boat. As long as you’re straight up with people about your intentions, I don’t think many would argue if you stick to them (ahem). As soon as you make promises and then let people down, get ready for some blowback – people talk, especially about guys who cheat.


#3) It’s not all about you:

Everyone likes the guy who’s the life and soul of the party, but no one likes the guy who is oh so desperate to be it. Maybe sit back and laugh at someone else’s jokes – of course making sure that you don’t blend in to become part of the scenery.


#4) Think before responding:

If someone is putting you in an awkward situation, be it a bust up in a club or a disagreement with a lover, give yourself a second to breathe. It’s really easy to go with your gut reaction before thinking it through, and making a decision you regret forever. So just give yourself a second to engage your brain, you’ll be thankful, even if all it throws back is a vicious putdown.


#5) Relax and put yourself out there:

Uni is for study, but it’s also for adventure and maturing. Don’t lock yourself away in study or games or books or whatever – get off your arse, grab some mates and do something fun. Being the guy with no time for friends is not the impression you want to make, besides you’re missing out on the time of your life.


Author: Louis Doré

Freelance Journalist studying at City University, London on MA Newspaper Journalism.

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