Loughborough University to consider email monitoring

Loughborough University are considering implementing a system that would check student attendance and correspondence. “Co-Tutor”, derived from a simple word spreadsheet, can be used to monitor the contact and interaction with the students, but researchers have suggested they are considering implementing the system to monitor students emails.

The email monitoring is proposed to assess how well a course is being received, as well as equating the monitored student’s performance and probabilities of dropping out.

Loughbotough hope the software will improve student-tutor relationships, culminating in a better student experience overall. However, concerns have been raised about the nature of the email monitoring, as student privacy could be being compromised by the software.

The President of the University and Colleges Students Union, Simon Renton, stated “We would have serious concerns about using quantative data sources as a performance management tool for staff.”


Author: Louis Doré

Freelance Journalist studying at City University, London on MA Newspaper Journalism.

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