EUABC captain Richie Goulding takes home BUCS gold

EUABC Captain, Richie Goulding, has become the first boxer in Exeter’s history to win a BUCS individual gold. In the BUCS finals that took place on 21 February, Richie beat Ruben Alves of the University of Derby to claim gold. Afterwards, Richie talked to Exeposé about the fight:

“My opponent was a very strong boxer and much more muscular than me. I had the height advantage and knew I was going to have to keep him away with my superior reach. He was a very good boxer who favoured his looping right hook, but also knew how to set it up with the jab. He gave me what was probably the hardest fight I’ve ever had so all credit to him.

“In the first round I thought I boxed really well, beating my opponent to the punch and begun to tee off later in the round. I was fresh in the first round and it showed, I was light on my feet and managed to keep out of harm’s way whilst landing jabs and lead right hands.

“In the second my opponent began to get back into the fight, but I still took the round. I began to slow on my feet and he was catching me with some strong shots, although I was still landing more.

Photo: EUABC

Photo: EUABC

“In the third I was stunned by a big right hook and managed to hang on until the end of the round. I lost this round and was hurt quite badly towards the end, but I just managed to pull through. In the fourth round, I gave it literally everything and didn’t stop punching in the latter half. I knew I needed a big round to win it and really had to dig deep to win the round.

“It was a close fight and I wasn’t sure which way the decision would go – you have a hard time knowing if you’ve won or not with all that adrenalin pumping. The MC announced I was the winner via split decision. I couldn’t believe it – all that hard work had finally paid off.

Photo; EUABC

Photo; EUABC

“The win is huge for the club – I’m only the second boxer from Exeter ever to enter BUCS and in our second entry we have a champion! Hopefully now we have proven that we have the potential to win medals and produce champions in the future.

“I think our growth will continue and this is just the start for EUABC – I want three BUCS medals for the club next year and I don’t think that’s an unrealistic target.”

Louis Doré, News Editor


Author: Louis Doré

Freelance Journalist studying at City University, London on MA Newspaper Journalism.

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