9 Hackney WickED alumni you should follow

Hackney Wick’s reputation as an area of artistic relevance is well established, with Hackney WickED acting as a yearly showcase for some of the area’s brightest and best.

Here is a brief list of some of my favourite creatives from the Hackney WickED alumni, as well as groups and venues in Hackney Wick (or if you fancy looking at the full list, just go here)




1) Ant Carver (@antjcarver) – Working with stencils, spray paint and oil predominately, Ant Carver produces large works of portraiture with expressive colour palettes. Often spray painting over original sketches and drawings, his work considers the role of graffiti and choice of medium.

He currently operates in Hackney Wick and his Instagram posts are pretty cool too.

2) Grace Aza-Selinger (@Graceysel) – Graze Aza-Selinger’s portraits often use charcoal and pencil, contrasting with her vivid acrylic and mixed-media landscapes. She currently works from her studio in the Bermondsey Project, South London.

She also recently took part in a charity scheme by sketching beautiful pencil portraits of those that tweeted to her, such as this.

3) Ewan David Eason (@ewandavideason) – Eason’s work has been exhibited in the Barbican and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and his current mappa mundi series employs UV treated ink on mirrored gold to produce medallion-esque maps of cities. The resulting effect is impressive to say the least.

Selecting works to show this weekend @hackneywicked open studio's

A post shared by Ewan David Eason (@ewandavideason) on

4) Peter Jones (@peterjonesart) – The Birmingham-born artist currently operates out of Hackney Wick and has a fascination with painting monkeys with oil. He also maintain a keen interest in current exhibitions and street art, which his tweets demonstrate brilliantly.




The studios and theatres in Hackney Wick offer a diverse range of, well, pretty much anything cultural you could wish to find.

1) The Yard Theatre – (YardTheatre) A creative centre for art, theatre, comedy, pretty much anything you could want. They regularly put on great shows, such as Chewing Gum dreams by Michaela Coel, who recently has been commissioned for an e4 series for the play.

Plus you also see interesting stuff like this popping up on your feed:

2) Stour Space (@stourspace) – Features a lot of cool exhibitions from time to time such as this:

They also hold workshops and markets, being socially minded types. Plus they operate out of what they deem “once a disused, unsafe building” which has been renovated to hold over 40 tenants. Impressive stuff.

3) See Studio (@SeeStudio) – A studio of artists that do fun stuff like this:

And do relevant campaigns with great ideas like this:

They have an awesome instagram feed too and promote their various events on twitter.

4) Cre8Lifestyle (@Cre8Lifestyle) – A landmark London 2012 regeneration project that aims to change the lives of the people it works with and trains. Their YouTube channel is sadly less active nowadays, but they still tweet very regularly.

5) Mother Studios (@motherstudios) – Banksy is reputed to have started his career as a Graffiti artist in Hackney Wick and have had his studio at Mother Studios. Regardless of myth the studios, run by Joanna Hughes, are a founder of the Hackney WickED festival.


For the locations of all the studios, see the map below:


More details on Hackney Wicked


Author: Louis Doré

Freelance Journalist studying at City University, London on MA Newspaper Journalism.

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